Batteries And Accessories For Sale Near Frankfort

With Chicagoland's unpredictable seasons, having a reliable vehicle is of the utmost importance. Nowhere is this more obvious than in having a dependable battery. Without that, you're not going anywhere. Lucky for you, we have an impressive supply of batteries and other accessories for sale near Frankfort at Gerald Honda of Matteson.

The way a car battery works is to release a large amount of current for a short time to start your vehicle. Now, outside of the battery just being dead, how can you tell if you need a new one? One way is to consider its age. If you don't remember when you last purchased a new battery, it may be time for a new one. Most car batteries have a good life of three to four years before problems arise. Another way to tell is to look at it. Remove the battery terminal covers—usually red and black plastic. Look for build-up around the terminals; stains or corrosion may indicate a leak. If you have a battery cover, remove that as well and look for damage. Another factor is how you drive. If you leave your car for long periods of time or only take short drives, you may be wearing out your battery. One last factor to investigate is the smell.

If it seems like the battery is overheating or the smell of sulfur (rotten eggs) is present, your battery may be old. If any of these apply to you, come in to Gerald Honda of Matteson for an inspection and new battery right away. It's better to be safe and warm than cold and sorry. No matter what battery you are in need of, Gerald Honda of Matteson has it!

Dealing with the harsh Midwestern seasons can take its toll on your car. Thanks to interior and exterior accessories, you can stop some of that wear and tear. The durable, all-season floor mats are designed to trap dirt and keep any muddy boots, wet shoes, or slushy galoshes from ruining your interior. The high quality, molded plastic trunk tray keep any spills, stains or otherwise off the carpeting, with plenty of room for a sled, saucer, or toboggan. Thanks to the durable, water-resistant rear seat covers, no rain-drenched parkas, snow-covered jackets, or wet dogs will make a mess! For hazy nights, fog lights are a crucial visibility aid. Protect your vehicle from rain, snow, frost, sap, pollen, and anything nature can throw at you with a water-resistant car cover. To enjoy the outdoors, the roof rails and crossbars allow for skiing and snowboard attachments, as well as kayaks and bikes.

With everything that Mother Nature can throw at you, it's best to be prepared for all of it. Starting with a reliable battery is key, but don't forget to weatherproof your vehicle with accessories. All of this and more are for sale near Frankfort at Gerald Honda of Matteson.


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