Frequently Asked Questions


My credit is not very good, can I finance a car?
We cannot answer that question online or over the phone, you need to be here in person. I can tell you that we work with numerous financial institutions that can accommadate most of our customers. Even customers that have been turned down at other dealers.


How does a Hybrid Car work?
Instead of relying only on the gasoline engine, hybrids use a gas engine and electric motors. The energy used by the electric motors are stored in rechargeable batteries. The ability to partially use electric motors to propell the car means that you burn less gas. The computer system on a hybrid controls which energy source to use at different speeds and conditions, based on maximizing efficiency while providing the same level of performance as conventional a car.
Do I have to plug in a hybrid car to charge the battery?
When it comes to the Honda Hybrid vehicles, none of them need to be plugged in to charge. The vehicle recharges the battery during the operation and braking. Future vehicles may be the plug-in variety, but no such vehicles have been released to the public at this time.